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With today's demanding applications, you need a reliable touchscreen company who can offer products with consistent quality and service. Pioneer POS designs and manufactures a variety of touch solutions including touch screen monitors, touch computers, and kiosks. As a manufacturer of touch screen solutions, Pioneer POS understands that one customer's needs may differ from another. Our touch screen systems are built to take into account how you do business, so you can have the best return on your investment.

While standard models are available through our distributors, we pride ourselves on being the best and quickest to configure custom touch screen systems. Customers can visit our all in one touch computer, touch monitor, or kiosk product sections and build a custom touch screen solution that meets the needs of their specific application. The typical lead time for a custom-configured touch screen computer or touch screen monitor is 3 to 5 days and for kiosks our lead time is 7 to 14 days.

Recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative touch solutions since 1997, Pioneer POS products have been deployed in industries such as restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, retail stores, casinos, labor management, manufacturing floors, hospitals, nursing homes, kiosk, and many other demanding applications.

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